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Join the initiative to change the mindset of the population
as to how they think of hearing!

What are we doing at

  1. Educating the population about hearing, hearing loss and all the co-morbidities associated with it through social media
  2. Instilling value on the importance of hearing health care, prevention and hearing health checks as part of their personal wellness plan
  3. Providing easy access through our provider locator, with you in it, where a 20-60-year old can find a hearing care professional to schedule a hearing health check
  4. Introducing the population to our wonderful profession and the ease with which they can come to us for a hearing health check
  5. Promoting hearing wellness, for all ages, to encourage earlier acceptance of hearing health care

How are we doing this?

  1. We are meeting people where they’re at—on social media-FB, Instagram, Twitter
  2. We are educating people through engaging whiteboarding videos on everything related to hearing, hearing loss and the social and emotional implications for untreated hearing loss
  3. We are targeting a generation seldom marketed (20-60) and who have influence over their families

What’s in it for you?

  1. You will have access to engaging videos to use for your own e-marketing campaign  with a three year subscription (each a $5000 value)
  2. Be the first to sign up for your preferred zip codes and you will be the TOP provider listed for as long as you are a subscriber!
  3. You will add another dimension to your existing marketing plan, gaining access to a different patient population
  4. You will be creating a pipeline for future business and increase your database
  5. You will be a part of the change to bring awareness to our profession



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